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recurrent yeast infection, infant yeast infection It is strongly advisable to avoid sex if one of the sexual partners is exposed to yeast infection. Consumption of Viagra or any other sexual enhancing product like cialis or generic Viagra has nothing to do with the yeast infection. Yet a person has higher chances of susceptible to the disease yeast infection if they consume antibiotics in large amount. It is almost unusual for men to develop yeast infection, but still he is susceptible to yeast infection which usually passed on from their female partners.
yeast infection remedy, yeast infection yogurt So, it is advisable to refrain from unprotected sex until both the partners sought treatment. The danger arises if only one of the partners seeks treatment and later the infection may passes back and forth. In case of men the symptoms of yeast infection can be experienced through a red rash, burning sensation and an itching at the head of penis.
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