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mouth yeast infection, vaginal yeast infection picture Inflammation or irritation on the vaginal area causes vaginal order. This inflammation can be the main reason for infection around the vagina or in vagina. Bacterial vaginosis is the main cause for vaginal fishy odor which is the main common infection. Sometime, a vaginal yeast infection or yeast infection, by mistaken may be taken as urinary tract infection, although there is difference in symptoms between the two. The difference of urinary tract infection and yeast infection can be found out by studying the two different terms of burning sensation .

systemic yeast infection, candida yeast infection In case of urinary tract infection the burning sensation can be felt while passing urine down the urethra when the urine is on the way out, while in the case of yeast infection the burning sensation occur while the acidic urine comes and hit the infected area of skin of vulva. Incase if one still have the doubt then she is strictly advised to see a doctor. The yeast infection from the female partners do normally passed on to their male partners and men are susceptible to yeast infection although it is quite unusual in case of men. So, if one of the sexual partners exposes to yeast infection it advisable for the partners to refrain from unprotected sex unless and until both partners sough treatment.

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