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yeast infection yogurt, diflucan yeast infection Almost all women who do not have the actual knowledge of the symptoms of yeast infection may not believe whether she is experiencing signs of yeast infection or some other disease. In this case if she is not sure of the treatment she should immediately see a doctor. The doctor will diagnose from the symptoms and through examining of vaginal discharge or oral plaque, and will provide proper medication for the cure.

skin yeast infection, female yeast infection picture It is real difficult to give the actual symptoms of common yeast infection as it may vary from person to person. If a women who is suffering from yeast infection has to tell you about her symptoms, she may mention thick vaginal discharge which looks like little cottage which may be yellow colored starchy. But such symptoms can be experienced by about only 20 percent of infected women population. Since all women do not experience vaginal discharge as the symptoms of yeast infection, the other symptoms that can be experiences are itching in and around the vagina which may lead to burning sensation later.

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